Advanced Wellness

Why Advanced Wellness?

Advanced Wellness’ vision statement speaks for itself – “highly-personalized, comprehensive, affordable…”

When is the last time you had a complete history and physical exam, the kind that you would experience during a first time visit to a university clinic setting, where a medical resident is working diligently to cover every aspect of your life and health? As a board-certified physician, that would be my expectation on a first visit, but frankly, have never experienced. Most clinicians are very busy and focused on disease processes. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Advanced Wellness exists to bridge that gap and focus on life-long health, wellness, and disease prevention or mitigation in conjunction with your primary care physician.

Beyond that, are you ready to move ahead and unleash your potential? Are you healthy enough to engage in moderate or strenuous activities that can carry you to better health, maintain your current level of health, or rise to a higher level? Are you already a jogger, runner, triathlete, marathoner? Do you want a true “baseline” and annual (or more frequent if desired) evaluation of your physical conditioning to monitor and capitalize on improvement?

Today’s healthcare, wellness and fitness programs are ever-increasing yet marginally overlapping, except in high-end entities such as Cooper Clinic or Cenegenics. Advanced Wellness bridges the “gap” to bring the holistic approach to the marketplace at an affordable and scalable manner.

Clients appreciate and desire personalized care. Advanced Wellness delivers on that principle by providing its comprehensive service virtually in one setting. Staff are experienced, knowledgeable, and highly professional – and we expect no less for our families.

Beyond the comprehensive history and physical examination, additional studies will be performed based upon client needs, preferences, and strategies for cardiovascular improvement. Studies will include body fat composition evaluation, extensive laboratory testing, exercise treadmill testing (ETT) and echocardiogram (sonogram of the heart) – the latter two designed to unmask potential disease processes ahead of initiating any exercise program. In the event any new disease process is discovered, you will be referred to Integrity Health or back to your established primary care physician for disease management. Since we partner with a local cardiology practice to conduct exercise treadmill and echocardiogram testing, you will also have a direct conduit to advanced cardiac care should it be necessary.

Advanced Wellness partners with Knockout Workout to ensure a comprehensive yet practical cardiovascular workout to improve not only your cardiovascular health and general well-being – otherwise referred to as the “heart-mind-body dynamic.” Should you choose to continue your workouts in the local area, we will provide the requisite information for your trainer to use to build or modify your current fitness regimen.

Nutraceutical products are available by prescription specifically targeted and based on your laboratory findings and healthcare needs such as age, activity, and other co-morbidities. Though not designed to treat, cure, or prevent illness, Nutraceuticals can act as a nutritional bridge for the active, health-conscious client.

With over 50 years of combined medical, fitness, and managerial experience, Advanced Wellness, along with Integrity Health and Knockout Workout will be your health and wellness entity of choice.

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